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Hong Kong, a British colony turned Chinese ‘special administrative region’, can be described as a city with many faces. It started out as a cluster of fishing villages but with time Hong Kong has become a thriving metropolis. A primarily Chinese society governed by the British for over a century, it has carved out a Hong Kong culture that provides the city with an identity; materialistic but also very spiritual. Those who like to frequent the most luxurious shopping malls also shop at the markets. Traders who look at computer screens all day also enjoy the mountains and the seas outside. Hong Kong is a city of contrasts that provides endless opportunities for exploration. Join our Hong Kong tours and we will give you all the insider knowledge and local tips to start you on your Hong Kong urban adventures! 


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The Story of Hong Kong, Hong Kong tour The Story of Hong Kong
from 7 reviews
From USD 49.00

You may have been to Hong Kong before but do you know the story of how it came to be? Join this Hong Kong tour to walk the streets with a local guide who'll give you the inside story of this dizzying city. 


Around Kowloon in 8 Markets, Hong Kong tour Around Kowloon in 8 Markets
from 10 reviews
From USD 49.00

Before online shopping, megamalls, supermarkets, and eBay, retail trade was solely done at markets. Join this Hong Kong tour to get the lowdown on all the market action, from fresh fruit at Yau Ma Tei fruit market to precious stones at the Jade Market, and fresh ferns at the Flower Market.


Old vs New Hong Kong Old vs New Hong Kong
from 6 reviews
From USD 49.00

Experience the mash up of old and new that is modern Hong Kong! You'd be forgiven for thinking that there's nothing more to this financial mecca than bright lights and skyscrapers. Join this Hong Kong tour to see the slow, traditional side as well as the frenetic futurism it's known for.  


Hong Kong After Dark, Hong Kong tour Hong Kong After Dark
From USD 49.00

Calling the adventurous and the romantics, the shopaholics and the serenity seekers! We’ve got all your urban loves covered with this night walking tour that shows off Hong Kong after dark. You’ll explore different pockets of the city, from ethnic minority communities to glamourous Tsim Sha Tsui, from peaceful parks to glittering skylines.You’ll learn about Hong Kong’s growth from fishing village to cultural capital, and get a local’s perspective on life after the sun goes down.


Kowloon Food Safari, Hong Kong tour Kowloon Food Safari
From USD 49.00

Don’t know your dim sum from your wonton? Become an expert in Cantonese cuisine with this Hong Kong food tour that explores Kowloon’s most authentic restaurants, markets, and food stalls. Be warned: this safari takes you far off the tourist trail, to locals’ favourite haunts in Hong Kong’s working class community. Sit elbow-to-elbow with locals, learn about the history and traditions of Chinese food, and put your chopsticks to work.


Hong Kong Highs and Lows, Hong Kong tour Hong Kong Highs and Lows
From USD 49.00

Get a unique opportunity to learn what it really means to live in Hong Kong. Experience the city’s two sides, luxurious districts and struggling communities, and find out what’s being done to improve the city’s once-neglected neighbourhoods. Along the way, learn about Hong Kong’s history and gain a newfound appreciation for the life of Hong Kongers, from the richest of rich to the poorest of poor.


Hong Kong Arts Festival
Place: All over Hong Kong - [ 17/02/2015 - 27/03/2015 ]

The Hong Kong Arts Festival is one of the biggest arts festivals in the world. It serves up every art forms from jazz to opera and dance to mime theatre. The genres are wide ranging and both classical and modern performance arts are showcased.

Cathay Pacific/Credit Suisse Hong Kong Sevens
Place: Hong Kong Stadium, Causeway Bay - [ 25/03/2015 - 27/03/2015 ]

The Hong Kong Sevens, with its lucrative prize money, is one of the most important if not the most important stop of the premier tournament on the IRB Sevens World Series in rugby sevens—a variant of rugby union. It is held annually at the end of March in Hong Kong, commencing on a Friday afternoon and concluding on Sunday evening.

Hong Kong International Film Festival
Place: All over Hong Kong - [ 20/03/2015 - 05/04/2015 ]

The Hong Kong International Film Festival shows hundreds of movies from around the world every year. They range from award-winning high profile movies to avant-garde experimental films, Hollywood fares to Romanian realist cinema, Hong Kong kung-fu films to French literate romance stories. It’s a must attend event for any movie buff.

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Ms. Sophia G.
21 Mar 2015
David was an interesting and knowledgeable guide!
Mr. Leo L.
23 Feb 2015
Dany knows Hong Kong and loves to share. He listens to the group and goes as makes sense. Loved his style and how much he fit into the short time! THANKS!
Mrs. Susan D.
03 Jan 2015
Danny was an excellent guide, the tour is fascinating takes you to places you would not find without local knowledge
Ms. E Ruth A.
12 May 2014
This trip more than matched my expectations. Danny took us places we would never have seen otherwise.
Mrs. Christina S.

19 Mar 2014
We had a great time with Danny! He infused historical knowledge about Hong Kong throughout our tour, and he paused to point out local specialties like egg tarts and pear tea! The markets were diverse and captivating. Thanks, Danny!
Ms. Claire B.
United Kingdom
16 Feb 2014
I really recommend this tour. Danny is an excellent guide - approachable and knowledgeable. I saw so many things that I wouldn't have noticed if I was just walking by myself. I recommend these tours for solo travellers as well as groups. Excellent.
Ms. Hilary B.
United Kingdom
03 Jan 2014
A really great tour. Our guide was really enthusiastic and we saw much more that we would have done on our own in a short space of time.
Mrs. Vanessa Q.
31 Dec 2013
Did around Kowloon in 8 markets which was good but I Really enjoyed this one, Danny is awesome!
Mr. Timothy D.

28 Dec 2013
Even more fun than the Kow Loon market tour. Thanks for the tips and speedy pace Danni. Cheers, Tim
Mr. Timothy D.

28 Dec 2013
Thanks Danni (I hope that's the correct spelling). Cheers, Tim

Hong Kong Local Connection

Hong Kong Urban Adventures is dedicated to offering thematic tours. Instead of just looking at the main photos ops, our Hong Kong tours help you explore and understand the city. Whether it is history, art, architecture, religion or market culture that you are interested in, we would make sure that our Hong Kong tours would give you a thorough and enjoyable experience exploring all the best of Hong Kong. 


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At Urban Adventures, we firmly believe local travel is one of the best ways we can support responsible tourism. In fact, we believe it so strongly that we’ve made it our entire business! All our tours are run by local experts, not some faceless corporate team located halfway around the world with no sense of the local vibe.

We craft our tours to ensure every traveller has authentic interactions with local people, businesses, transportation, and food and drink. Local travel gives you the opportunity to experience a destination as locals do, and has the potential to impact you in ways you never imagined. In short: local is awesome.

As a responsible travel company, we promise to:

  • Use locally owned infrastructure on our tours whenever possible.
  • Spread the financial benefits amongst local people and operators.
  • Provide employment and leadership opportunities for local people.
  • Respect local customs and culture.
  • Provide safe tours for Urban Adventure partners, staff, and travellers.
  • Educate travellers and our partners about how and why we choose to travel this way.
  • Limit any negative impact to the daily lifestyles of local people.
  • Limit any physical impact on natural and cultural environments.
  • Provide support to organisations and local communities.
  • Provide opportunities for travellers to interact with local people.
  • Actively ban partners, staff, and passenger participation in or endorsement of commercial sexual activities or illegal drug use on Urban Adventures tours.
  • Work to prevent the exploitation of children in tourism.
  • Actively discourage participation in activities that exploit animals.
  • Use local partners that adhere to Urban Adventures' responsible travel principles.
  • Support and encourage fair employment practices.
  • Give our travellers the best possible value.
  • Have fun!

As a traveller, we ask that you keep the following in mind:

  • People: Be mindful of the local citizens, and seek understanding through shared experiences. Consider their customs and values while in their homeland, and when in doubt, ask your guide for advice.
  • Environment: Be mindful of the local environment, and act with conservation and sustainability in mind. Follow local guidelines, as recommended by your guide, and make proactive decisions on your own.
  • Culture: When travelling to other cultures, remember that not everyone's customs are the same as yours at home. Be respectful, and be mindful of openly questioning a customary practice, even if you disagree with it. Try to understand from their perspective. You may learn something! Your guide will be an excellent point of reference here, so check with them if you're unsure.
  • Economy: Make every effort to use local businesses and put your tourism dollars in the right (local) pocket. We use local vendors and businesses, and your guide will be able to advise you on the best ways to support the local economy.

For more suggestions on how to be a responsible traveller check out our top 12 responsible travel tips, or check out what our friends at Intrepid have to say.